My Hawaii Digital Story (AmbassadorNique Productions)

My Hawaii Digital Story (AmbassadorNique Productions) from AmbassadorNique Productions on Vimeo.

Rejuvenation… Peace… Tranquility…. Family… Love… Life… Health…

The ability to escape from the noise…
I came… I saw I learned, I grew…

It’s funny how life and the universe work. You wait for something to happen to the point that you count down the days. Looking out the window of the airplane it still felt unreal.

Two weeks of adventure on the island of Oahu. I was able to spend time with my grandmother as I learned more about my families history, her life, and family traditions. I hiked Diamond and Koko Head, checked off most but definitely not all of my to do in Hawaii list, was able to relax and even parasail. I saw two friends get married, spent time with others and even attended a Luau at the Polynesian Culture Center

What excited me most about this trip was that I would finally have the time to adventure and relax with my amazing and beautiful girlfriend.



AmbassadorNique does the ALS Challenge

AmbassadorNique does the ALS Challenge from AmbassadorNique Productions on Vimeo.

Jeremy Higuchi & Jonathan Higuchi… ALS awareness ice bucket challenge accepted!! What’s cooler than being COOL?!

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. There is no cure to this disease.

While most times I choose not to participate in viral stuff like this, a close friend of mine has a family member who is battling with ALS. My love and thoughts are with her and her family.

Special thanks to Diana & Jessica for talking me into doing it, the ice and the camera work!


Inspiration: How Education Kills Creativity (Ken Robinson TED Talk)

How School Kills Creativity

As I near the days of the beginning  of my masters program I am reminded of the flaws in the American the WORLDS education system and its curriculum. I am challenged with the need to stay creative, stay inspired, and to constantly think outside of the norm. The goal is to make the rules and not to fall into the traps of being one whom abides by them. I hope this inspires others as much as it inspired me! 


Pre-Game (Written By AmbassadorNique)

Almost mid-July 2014, Seattle Washington. The sun is here and the days between me and the beginning of graduate school are few and far between. Let me be honest, I am a bit nervous. My time is very limited due to many different factors. Some of my own fault in procrastination, but mostly because I am just busy.

It is my goal to finish my documentary and my digital story by the time graduate school starts. My original goal was mid july but life definitely slows that down.

In the mean time I have finally moved closer to campus. Although this will cost a bit more, I feel that it will allow me greater opportunities to not only be closer to my new job at the ECC, but also it will allow me to network and take full advantage of the MANY resources here on campus. As I write this I sit at a very fast iMac where I have started my “We The People” documentary. I am very fortunate to have these resources and I know they will make the difference in my success. I also cannot wait to take advantage of the IMA sports gym, and some on site concealing. I know the last one sounds weird, but I truly believe mental health is just as important as physical. I also would like to change my eating habits and hope to soon start applying this to how I shop for groceries and cook.

I am excited to have a little over a month left at my current job. I am thankful for the opportunities and I have no doubt without it I would not be where I am today, ready to embark on new adventures! I take many lessons learned from the good and bad times.

As I continue to grow as do the people around me. One special person being Diana who continues to prepare herself to be the strongest PA school candidate possible, I am thankful for her wisdom, her care, and love. I will do whatever it takes to not only help her get into PA school, but also help her follow through with her degree. I am thankful that she has shared all 5 of her wonderful sisters with me and I look forward to assisting them and watching them grow as well.

I’ll keep this short as I hope to start vlogging soon!

Stay tuned,

Inspiration: Richie Le – Vietnam (What It’s Like) Music Video


I spoke w/ my little bro Richie Le last night and told him the best part about this song is the authenticity of HIS story. While I am sure his song and video will touch people in ways neither of us can imagine, I am happy to share. I remember how excited he, his family, girlfriend, friends and myself were about him going to Vietnam for the first time. I remember gchatting him while he was there and the stories he told upon his return. I saw how the trip changed his outlook on the world and his life.

Years ago we often had conversations about the lack of SE Asian history taught to us in school, and thought about what a void that left when it came to younger generations understanding and embracing their own identities. I salute the teachers, storytellers, videographers, artists, college organizations, professors, non-profits, and the small businesses who continue to build on the foundation left for us. To those who continue to tell the stories not told in our history books. Thank you for sharing your many stories with the world! Thank you Richie Le for sharing THIS story with the world!


Inspiration: Smoking Kid (Thailand)

This is old, but its new to me! A great reminder of the importance of digital story telling. Sometimes how we present information is just as important as the information we are presenting. Around the world the innocence of a child’s future and the universal language of love hold greater priority than almost anything else on this planet. I hope we are doing our part to not only take care of their futures, but our own. Enjoy the Seattle sunshine. -AmbassadorNique